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UX can make or break your business

UX Can Make or Break Your Business

Disruptive technology is constantly advancing and impacting our everyday lives. People are relying more on desktop and mobile applications to help them organise and enhance productivity, efficiency, and communication which aligns with their lifestyle needs. With the advancement of technology, there is an increase in customer expectations and demands for user-friendly products and services.

In order for businesses to meet the needs of their customers and to stay relevant, they should have an online presence that provides a unique experience for their visitors. Many think having a branded website, products or app is enough, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With technology rapidly evolving, quality User Experience (UX) is becoming the new norm. As a result of this, consumers are expecting businesses to provide enhanced and streamlined interactions on desktop and mobile apps, at a faster rate.


“Users have come to expect an optimised user experience as a basic requirement, and it’s now become a prerequisite implementation strategy across all platforms and devices.”


So what is UX?

User Experience (UX) focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how people interact with websites, applications and other devices. In simple terms, good UX is a seamless, thoughtless and enjoyable experience, which satisfies the users’ needs effortlessly. As a business, by implementing a good end-user’s experience, you can enhance your brand, services and products into a meaningful experience.  

“88% of online customers are less likely to return to your website after they have a bad experience”
‍- Designer Mag

Amazon provides users with options to make the purchasing decision much easier for the consumer. For instance, Amazon offers a ‘1-click’ ordering button, which allows you to input your payment and shipping details with one single click. This makes customers lives easier by shortening the checkout process and reducing the chance of basket abandonment, resulting in an increase of sales for Amazon.

Now that you have an incentive as to why you should invest in UX, let’s look at five key benefits UX can have for your business.

4 UX Tips that can immediately increase revenue:

1. User Research

So you have an idea or a product that you want to take to the market, but are your online platforms designed to meet the needs of your customers? User research can help you confirm that your desktop or mobile designs are meeting the needs of your consumers. You can collect data by analysing user behaviour, such as: user needs, motivations and observations with your product. These insights can indicate how your product is performing and where to improve. Therefore, by conducting user research, you can save time and money by creating the right product, and improve the sales performance that you want to achieve.

2. Good UX is the future of SEO

The search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape has undergone quite a few changes over the last couple of years. Recently, Google’s SEO requirement is to have good user experience. If your website is unattractive and difficult to navigate, your website will have a poor ranking, resulting in a decrease in traffic.

‍3. Customer loyalty drive

User adoption is critical. People fall in love with experiences, not the technology behind it. Whether it’s an app, website or a product, projects fail if the users are unhappy. Customers who have a positive user experience are more likely to stick with your products and become your brand advocates. Investing time and resources into customer experience will help build customer loyalty.

4. Good UX gives you the ability to compete on a new level

The technological playing fields are being levelled across the board. There is a progression in the same type of technology and platforms becoming available to everyone. How do you compete when the technology is the same? You compete by bringing your users a new, unique experience.

You’re all set. Time to fly.

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