Unifying The Message

The Challenge

When we asked HSSMI employees what their company did, we got wildly different answers. Their teams felt disconnected from each other, and from the overall ‘why’ of the company. We helped them not only refresh their brand, but reintegrate these teams. We ran workshops and built guidelines to help each team connect their roles to the company’s overall goal, and realise their impact.

Align With The Audience

In our Brandscape workshop, we got under the skin of HSSMI’s brand position and audience and discovered a mismatch. HSSMI were respected manufacturing and sustainability consultants, but they wanted to be more than that. They wanted to be seen as innovative and bold, respected but accessible, trustworthy and empowering.

Colours and Contrast

We used colour psychology exercises to arrive at our core palette: Orange, Blue and Silver. These exercises also revealed the spirit animal of an albatross in the brand, through resilience and big picture ‘birds eye view’ thinking. Through design and redesign, we were able to incorporate that sense into the logo.

Corporate, but Cool

More than anything, HSSMI’s new brand needed to be professional, slick. It needed to work in black and white, on their coffee cups, slides and office designs. They wanted to revitalise without alienating existing clients, so we helped them build out the tools to do it.

Fixing the Message

What’s the Why

We helped them develop their central ‘why’, and ran workshops with each team so that they could connect their department back to that overall mission. This empowered the teams to reassess their value to each other and the company as a whole.

Redefining Why

By pulling together each employee’s personal mission, we were able to align the company goals around these, and reverse engineer their acronym to reflect these goals.

These goals were then translated into an extensive guideline, with memorable ‘what we do’ statements, which connected each team to their team lead. These in depth decks keep everyone on message.

Who doesn’t like branded collateral? We thought it looked beautiful.

The Solution

With their redefined mission statement and core value, the new brand and collateral to revitalise them, and cast iron guidelines to keep each department’s communications consistent and clean, HSSMI entered the new year with a bang.

The different teams knew how to connect what they did with the company’s overall goal, and gained a clearer sense of purpose. In our first workshops we had feedback like ‘I’ve been working here for 5 years, and my wife doesn’t understand what we do”. After our roll out, the same person gave us the best piece of feedback we could hope for:

“That actually makes sense.”

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