Future-Proofing Pizza

Firezza was struggling to get their message of quality out effectively and was, more importantly, at risk of fading into irrelevancy in a rapidly changing market.

The Genius in the Joke

Once our founder, Paul discovered that he lived in the same building as Edin, and that both of them lived right above Firezza’s then new branch, the idea of having a drone-delivery system for pizza seemed obvious.
After joking about it together, they realised how powerful it would be as a campaign video and got cracking. Sometimes things just feel right. Within a week, we had designed the campaign and shot the video and were ready to roll.

Perfecting the Plans

We analysed the pizza market and developing trends to help Firezza set their position. We doubled down on the benefits they already had: a good name, a good core, awesome pizza; and helped them combat their weaker points.

Baking the Brand

When we met Firezza they were having trouble with consistency and segmentation. Their brand made them look posh and expensive. We brought them up to date, delivering the character and calibre they’d been missing.

Eating Lots of Pizza

It’s easy to get excited about design when it’s underpinned by good strategy. It’s even easier when what you’re designing is pizza-related. We took on the challenge to produce stunning food imagery that would be rolled out across all of our deliverables. It also took a lot of pizza eating in order to get familiar with the product we had to help sell.


Given that we would be the potential customers, we designed the menus we’d love to see (and keep). So we’ve imagined a takeaway ‘newspaper’ menu format, fun to read and extremely versatile, for every season of the year. It was even found at a Pizza Hut!

Fun with Graphics

We created an overwhelming amount of illustrations and icons to produce everything from menus, print collateral and promotional materials, to hoardings and whole restaurant designs.


We were then tasked with producing ready-to-go collateral. From b2b to b2c, branding and promotional materials, social media assets and more.

Restaurant Designs

We helped bring Firezza’s eat-in and takeaway restaurants to life, designing their flagship Soho store, and the signage, menus and packaging for all the stores across the country.

Digital Delivery

To help Firezza stay relevant, we redesigned their LivePepper platform, and produced an interactive menu app that complements their brand perfectly.

Dapper Delivery

As a part of Pizza Express’ takeover, we needed to redesign their delivery gear from Pizza Express to Firezza’s own fashion.

Challenge us.

Do you have an industry to redefine, a brand to redesign or a story to be told? Do you want your next campaign to change the game? Does that come with free pizza? (No, but for real). We’re Outfly, a design innovation agency built for disruptive startups, innovators and game changers.
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