Demystifying Email Phishing

The Challenge

A company’s greatest security vulnerability is always their employees. We worked with Aquilai to design and brand their AI enabled email platform to help companies protect themselves by training their employees to spot and react to phishing emails. They needed a brand that was sleek and attractive, and projected both modernism and respectability.

The Name

Aquilai came to us as Cybershield which we thought was an awesome name – until we noticed it was already taken by one of their competitors. Our strategy meetings broke down their target audience and unlocked their central why: To create a new standard of cybersecurity hygiene.

We decided to rename and chose the mythological Aquila, the eagle, used as a physical standard in Greece and Rome. Their AI focus made the suffix, and their eventual domain and brand, clear.

The Logo

After a few iterative rounds of development we landed on the final logo. Each line of the typographic logo is sharp, decisive and defined. It’s reminiscent of Greek lettering, hinting towards the history embedded in the name.

The icon also references this strong heritage meaning, but adds something else. Aquilai needed to represent trust, security and experience, but also needed to stand out as a challenger brand in a crowded sector.
The combination of the eagle and the suggestion of a dominant, almost clichéd triangle is balanced and subverted by the smooth curves and modern striking gradients. The brand as a whole carefully treads the line between experience and agility, sleekness and accessibility.

Anti Phishing Software UI

We needed to help Aquilai make email phishing awareness more intuitive and engaging. We designed the UI and animation states for the in-app notifications and main dashboard of their first product, the email phishing platform: AJAX INTELLIGENCE.
Did we mention that this product won the 2019 National Cyber Award for most innovative product? We didn’t? Oh, well, it did.


Aquilai blends the new standard of cybersecurity with the AI that powers your company’s protection. The only thing missing in the name was that protection itself. The evolution of their original brand, the shield, was essential. Having rooted the brand in Greek history, we knew where to look to find the answer.
Greek mythology holds the world’s most legendary shields, each of which played a specific part in their heroes’ story. We realised that by adding intelligence, each of them could be underpinned by AI.
Each of the solutions represents a mythical or historical shield of power. Zeus’ Shield, Aegis, Mars’ Shield, Ancilia, the shield of Ajax, the shield of Achilles. Each of these related closely to Aquilai’s sub-products.

“Sentry” ProducT – Ajax Intelligence

The shield of Ajax was known for its resilience. The seven layers of leather it was made from worked together to protect Ajax in his fights with Hector, which he left without a scratch.


“Halo” ProducT – ancilia Intelligence

The Roman Ancilia were eleven copies of the shield of Mars which fell from heaven. The copies were made to confuse thieves and attackers.


“Minor Protection” ProducT – achilles Intelligence

Achilles’ shield was made by the god Hephaestus to avenge the death of Patroclus. Homer’s description of this is the world’s first example of Ekphrasis, writing inspired by art. The shield was ornately detailed with a map of the universe and a window into the souls of men.


“API” ProducT – AEGIS Intelligence

Aegis was Zeus’ shield, a shield so powerful that he even allows his comrades to use it when they needed to. Aegis worked to protect both Perseus and Athena in battle.

Together, they form the most powerful anti-deception software and can also come together to create a Fulcrum formation (interlocked, impenetrable shields) as an end-to-end, bespoke security solution.

Graphic Assets

With its deep history and meaning, Aquilai needed an authoritative watermark, an abstract background asset to add weight and texture to the pages: The clear option was the soldier, bearing the shield of each product, there to protect and serve.

Image masks and layouts

These complemented a suite of graphic assets drawn from the icon itself to form a fully rounded brand.


Once we’d created the brand, it was time to show it off. We designed and built a simple, slick website to showcase their main product and built to expand as they added to their product lineup.

Corporate Video

The explainer video says it all: intuitive, engaging, trustworthy. We’ll stop waffling on so you can watch it for yourself.


Everyone needs it.

Wrapping Up

We worked with Aquilai to solve two problems. How do you break into a crowded market with the feel of someone established and trustworthy? Align yourself with a story and a deeper meaning?

How do you help protect companies without boring their employees? How do you demystify hackneyed subjects and make things like cyber security hygiene engaging and exciting? Make it beautiful, intuitive and easy.

Challenge us.

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