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Why Apple’s new credit card is a great move for everyone

Why Apple’s New Credit Card Is a Great Move For Everyone

What is it?

Since 6 August, testers have been trialing the new Apple credit card. The metal credit card will later roll out to more iPhone users in late August and will run on Mastercard’s network to make purchases with all sales transactions which means the card can be used anywhere.

Incentives from the card

Apple’s credit card reward scheme will allow customer to benefit from the following cashback:

– 3% cashback to users who buy Apple products
– 2% on any Apple Pay purchases
– 1% on all other purchases.

Allowing users to be rewarded for their loyalty. What’s cool is that Apple’s credit card goes against the traditional credit card reward scheme, as they give the cashback the day after their purchase rather than on a quarterly or monthly basis.

‍Three reasons why Apple will succeed

In the past few months, hundreds of thousands of people have already registered their interest in the credit card. This is every marketer’s dream because it indicates that they already have leads before the product officially launches.

What’s incredible is that the Apple credit card connects to the Apple wallet, providing a smoother user experience where they can familiarise with and feel more invested in the brand.

There is also no annual fee so customers will not incur this charge. Any data that comes from the user such as card purchases can not be sold on to third parties and will only be used for basic functionality of the card. This move shows how ethical the credit card is and why it’s important for users to feel a sense of reassurement that their details are being used solely for the card.

Image sourced by www.apple.co.uk

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