The challenge

Plastic Energy came to us just before a period of growth. They were looking to up their brand game, gain some consistency and help to educate their target audience on the plastic problem and their incredible solution.
As a growing company with teams all over the world, each using the brand in different ways, we were asked to become their brand guardians and to help them to create informative and highly engaging content.

Brand refresh

We started with their brand, refining it and creating a more consistent brand family for their newly launched ‘Plastic2Plastic’ initiative, where they’re able to recycle end of life plastics, back to to virgin TACOIL (able to be used in food grade plastics once again).

Sub-brand creation

Colour palette

Education and engagement

Having spent a lot of time absorbing the most complex details about the plastic recycling problems and Plastic Energy’s world-changing but highly technical solution, we set out to create a set of brand assets which would allow anyone, young or old, to understand and even enjoy learning about the process.
The culmination of these assets was the establishment of a signature brand style so compelling that even global blue-chip partners would want to be featured in their content.

Life online

With a modern, playful yet professional brand aesthetic established, Plastic Energy needed a website to back it up. 

Together, we aimed to create the kind of site where anyone wanting to learn about the technology would be able to access and understand the content quickly, but also appreciate the contextual nature of the solution.

Using our 3D assets to create shortform ‘at a glance’ illustrations and longer, more engaging and in-depth video content, the dwell time on the website increased 10-fold.

Interior design

Now that we had an incredible brand, an effective website and a compelling mechanism of bringing these to life using 3D animation, we needed to help Plastic Energy embark on their next stage of growth: designing their new office.
The brief was simple. We met in Plexal, the innovation city we designed. Plastic Energy were looking to replicate the energy and homely feel for their own offices. We started by laying out the various ways that we could separate work from play, starting with using the most under-used resource, the floor. 
Having space for both socialising and focusing is an often overlooked element of interior design, so we set out to create a versatile and relaxed workspace which would cater to all of their needs. The result? A bright, warm office that integrates the brand palette, with bespoke furniture and branded details, such as the custom kitchen feature wall.

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