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Emotional video marketing driving more sales

Emotional Video Marketing Driving More Sales

As digital platforms continue to evolve into consumers’ day-to-day activities, the ease of how people receive, exchange and access information has accelerated. Consumers are turning to social media to voice their comments and complaints when their needs are not being met–grabbing the attention of other like-minded people. This can be detrimental to any brand if they are appealing to the same individuals. Boundaries between consumers and businesses are blurring due to these social networks, which has shifted the balance of power towards favouring consumers’ needs and expectations. People more than ever have the capability to seek other relatable brands with the click of a button. In order for brands to bridge the gap with their prospects and customers, their focus should be understanding the psychology of what motivates them, and using this insight to build stronger bonds and better products. Companies that appeal to their customers’ emotions as a part of their business strategy, can thrive in the long run because they will be providing valuable and meaningful experiences, which will ultimately drive sales.

How to connect through the online clutter?

With the excessive daily bombardment of adverts, consumers are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from brands. Businesses should break through the online clutter and competition by providing thought-provoking and emotionally engaging storytelling. By eliciting and validating customer emotions, they will feel more drawn to the advert because their feelings, thoughts and desires get validated, triggering an instant connection with the brand, which can boost sales and customer loyalty. Many companies are using emotional video marketing to trigger consumer emotions, as it has the power to prompt far more emotional response than stock photos.

Provoking emotional experiences, instantly.

As consumer (specifically Millennials) buying power continues and the culture of impatience and instant gratification increases, brands will need to use video marketing to instantly satisfy their customers needs and desires, otherwise be sucked into the clutter. Video marketing would help create enormous opportunities for businesses to strengthen their brand awareness, therefore, video content is no longer optional because competitors are already leveraging its results from their marketing efforts. Videos can meet a range of marketing goals such as capturing a brand’s personality, story, products, services, events, and customer testimonials.

No turning back, stats don’t lie!

Now that video content is more accessible and in-demand, it is predicted that video traffic will account for ‘80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021’ (according to a study by Cisco). Businesses must now take advantage of cost-effective video marketing solutions across multiple platforms, to reach millions of people worldwide. In earlier years, digital distribution channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat revolutionised the way information was absorbed and shared by consumers online. With the added video and live streaming functionalities on social media channels, businesses can use these capabilities to reach existing customers and connect with prospects on a personal level. In order for brands to compete for consumers viewing time, they must focus on ensuring that authenticity plays a fundamental part in their visual storytelling. Without appearing sales-like, brands should deliver engaging and informative messages quickly and effectively, to drive engagement to boost customer retention.

What is Emotional Video Marketing?

Emotional video marketing is content that triggers positive or negative emotional responses to a set of audience to get their message across. If done correctly, it can drive a set of actions a brand hopes to achieve. They generally range from 30 second videos to 5 minutes, which are then distributed on targeted digital channels for exposure to drive actions such as:

– increasing brand awareness,

– increasing website traffic,

– boosting lead generation,

– driving more online engagement,

– improving customer education

Want to learn how to create a tactful video advert that provokes emotions which can boost sales results? Stay tuned next week, as we will release a “how to” article on effective video marketing that resonates to consumer desires and needs!

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