The Challenge

Quiet Mark came to us with a challenge to help them tell their story, communicate their value through a new website and comms, and build an alliance of industry leaders who would together prove that sound quality should be front of mind.

We inherited an existing brand, which needed to be made consistent. We also needed to think about how it was used; from packaging, print and web applications, to in-store immersive experiences.

The Brand

We began by establishing refreshed brand guidelines and creating a signature showpiece video which would introduce Quiet Mark, the Noise Abatement Society, and their work to combat noise pollution.

Quiet Mark became an awarding body, rewarding brands for building products which were markedly quieter than their competitors. Our first campaign was entitled ‘Creating Peaceful Living’ and was the start of many campaigns together.

Poppy, the founder of Quiet Mark, has a production background and incredible eye for detail, and so wanted anyone who watched the video to experience a moment of peace in a world of noise and chaos.

We had the soundtrack composed custom for the video and it exceeded all expectations, bringing the brand to life and ending up on the John Lewis website, where it remains to this date.

Following the success of our inaugural campaign, we wanted to bring the same peaceful experience to the website. We started with the imagery, using the most beautiful and cinematic assets available, with each image carefully hand picked from hundreds of potential choices for the aspirational emotions it would conjure up.

To emphasise the point, at the bottom of each page we introduced a ‘Moment of Quiet Reflection’ which included a beautiful, multi-layered parallax image and an inspirational quote to make each user stop and ponder.

Huge emphasis was also put on partnerships, where we created individual partner landing pages, communicating the work we were doing together to make the world more peaceful.

Mobile First

Given that the majority of new customers who came across the Quiet Mark brand would do so in a major department store, we decided to prioritise a mobile-first website, without losing the beautiful, serene browsing experience.
Using the latest in CSS animation techniques and the simplest possible user journey optimised for mobile, we created the first eCommerce website for Quiet Mark, linking through to each affiliate partner.
The website also showcased the breadth of media coverage which Quiet Mark regularly received, with dedicated, fully-filterable news archives and a press area.

Magical Motion

As beautiful as the imagery was, we often needed to communicate the core objective of Quiet Mark in a way that stirred up emotion, connected with the customer and gave them reason to enjoy a peaceful pause in an otherwise busy day.
On each occasion, beautiful and inspirational tracks were composed, complimented by hypnotic animations of sound waves being silenced to create the Quiet Mark.

Peaceful Print

These ‘jarringly peaceful’ moments had to exist in videos, in websites and in print. A clean, aspirational brand look and feel was developed, specifically to complement the range of industry leading partners: Dyson, John Lewis and Miele to name just a few.

We wanted each page to stay dynamic, to focus on the beauty of the product design and of the wonderfully complex, technical process by which marks were awarded, all the while ensuring that the brand was consistent and compliant with all partner requirements.